About the department

The Department for talented youth affairs was created to detect, select and support talented youth. In addition, the Department assists talented young people in their professional orientation and effective realization of their potential.

One of the major activities of the Department is organizing an integral system of Olympiads and other intellectual competitions for current and prospective students.  The Department gives special attention to the development and application of progressive technologies and innovative approaches to the Olympiad movement. In addition, the Department favors the participation of foreign nationals in the intellectual competitions.

Another important mission of the Department is eliminating barriers for participants that do not have full access to Olympiads (participants with disabilities, orphans, children from disadvantaged families or remote locations).

The Department also considers its mission to popularize the Olympiad movement among school pupils by informing the general public about Olympiads and the opportunities offered to participants by intellectual competitions.

The Department is also engaged in developing mechanisms for supporting undergraduate and graduate students who apply innovative educational methods and achieve a special success in preparing students to Olympiads or other intellectual events.