Gifts for future first-graders of the Irkutsk region

On 19 July 2019 a cargo weighing about three and a half tons was delivered to Tulun by Russian Post. MSU students and professors collected 1000 backpacks with a complete first-grader stationery set for small Siberians.

         These gifts will be transferred to the education authorities of Nizhneudinsky, Tayshetsky, Tulunsky and Chunsky districts. School students from Tulunsky district will get three and a half hundred backpacks from this humanitarian aid.

         — 350 school students from a large army of our Tulun first-graders will be very pleased with this gift. Moreover, this is the MSU badge, and perhaps some of them will become a student of this University, — says the head of the Department of General education of the Department of education of the Committee of social policy of Tulunsky district Lyubov Bogonos.