Achievements of Moscow State University students at the Olympiads in Iran

From August 13 to 17, 2017, the 18th International Student Olympiad in Mathematics and the 10th International Student Olympiad in Chemistry took place in Tehran of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Olympiads are held annually by initiative of Iranian Ministry of Education and bring together strongest students from Asia and Europe.
At the Olympiad in Chemistry Lomonosov MSU was presented by students from Faculty of Chemistry Nikolai Bushkov Georgy Novitsky, Sergey Kuzin and Alexey Sadykov. Team was headed by professor V.V. Eremin and associated professor A.S. Belov. The MSU team in chemistry confidently took first place in the team event. Bushkov Nikolai won a silver medal, and Sergei Kuzin and Alexei Sadykov were awarded by bronze medals.
At the Olympiad in Mathematics, the MSU team, which consisted of students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, won silver and bronze medals and took second place among teams. Iranian team won gold medals. MSU team in mathematics included freshman Vladimir Yankovsky, Kosinov Nikita, Sergey Dzhunusov and Kristina Oganesyan. The team was headed by leading researcher of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics N.A. Tolmachev. Sergey Dzhunusov won a silver medal, and Kristina Oganesyan brought MSU team a bronze medal.
Congratulations to the MSU teams on their excellent performance and wish them further creative success and Olympic victories!

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