“I know – the city will be, I know – the gardens will bloom”

In the summer of 1959 339 students of the Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University who formed the First Student Construction Brigade (they mastered professions of bricklayers and carpenters) set out the Bulaevsky district of North Kazakhstan Region. The guys built 4 agricultural buildings and 12 dwellings.
Many professors of Moscow State University passed through the school of Construction Brigades. Rector of MSU Academician Viktor A. Sadovnichiy worked in the Construction Brigade and built the Moscow Automobile Ring Road. Vice-Rector of MSU Pyotr V. Vrzheshch built dwellings in the Arctic Circle in Naryan-Mar.
In 2009 a monument to the 50th anniversary of Construction Brigades’ movement was erected close to the Faculty of Physics of MSU.
Fighters of Student Construction Brigades took part in the Sochi Olympic Park construction, in the restoration of historical buildings in Arkhangelsk and in the All-Russian student construction in Yekaterinburg.
In 2017 in Tatiana Day students of MSU asked President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to allow Student Construction Brigade of MSU to take part in the Kerch Strait Bridge construction. The President approved the request of students. In the summer of 2017 students from the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Soil Science take part in the greatest construction project of Russia.

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