Winter Youth Space School of MSU

On January 30 at the Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University the opening ceremony of the Winter Youth Space School took place.

Within Winter Youth Space School there will be the sixth session of the Selection Stage of the Russian championship project “Air Engineering School.” The teams of the schoolchildren of high forms and students will not only present their projects to the members of the expert commission, but also demonstrate the working models of rockets and spacecrafts.

According to Head of  theschool, Head of the Laboratory of general and special workshop of SINP MSU Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Radchenko, this year the number of people willing to participate in the project has increased significantly, and new teams were formed, as well as junior league for schoolchildren of 6-8 forms and student league for the students of 1-2 courses. “In the future our students are ready to be employed by the enterprises of space industry, they need young specialists”, – said V. Radchenko.

“Air Engineering School” is a continuation and development of the Space Education Project “CanSat in Russia”, organized by the Laboratory of Aerospace Engineering and the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University.

Winter Youth Space School will run until the third of February. Students are there for lectures, workshops and excursions to the enterprises of space industry. In addition to the theoretical framework the students will get practical skills: learn programming, design, working with electronic equipment, the implementation of tasks in student workshops of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University.

For more information about the project follow to the website