The Second All-China School Olympiad on the Russian language

screenshot_1December 25, 2016 the second All-China Olympiad on the Russian language (hereinafter − the Olympiad) was over. The Olympiad was organized by the Sino-Russian Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development, the Russian-Chinese Fund for Cultural Development and Education, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Beijing United University.

This event is of great significance, the purpose of which is to find and train Russian personnel for the cooperation between Russia and China, to create a sustainable model for continuous training of highly qualified experts with the knowledge of the Russian language.

The Olympiad was attended by more than 1,200 students from 50 schools of China. 30 participants became finalists, they demonstrated excellent knowledge of the Russian language and culture, the ability to communicate in Russian and creativity.

At the opening ceremony a welcoming speech was held by the Secretary of the Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development in China Mrs. Li Li. She extended greetings and congratulations to the participants of the Olympiad from the Co-Chairman of the Sino-Russian Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development Dai Bingguo and encouraged students to study the Russian language to become agents of the Russian-Chinese cooperation in future as a part of the mega-project “One zone − one way.”

The Olympiad was also welcomed by the First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in China I.A. Pozdnyakov, who encouraged the participants to learn the Russian language to be able to continue their education in Russia in future.

In his congratulatory address to the participants the Executive Secretary of the China-Russia Friendship Association Chen Leixuan noted that the demand for the professionals with the knowledge of the Russian language is growing along with the development of economic relations with Russia, so the participation in the Olympiad is a great opportunity for students to find a prestigious job and take their rightful place in the society.

Vice-President, Vice-Rector of Beijing United University Zhang Liancheng in his welcoming speech said that the Olympiad answers the development of interest in the Russian language, the formation of the spirit of competition, the in-depth studying of the Russian language. He expressed the hope that the Olympiad will contribute to the development of good neighborly relations between the two countries, will be a good incentive to improve the quality of teaching of the Russian language in China.

On behalf of the Russian-Chinese Fund for Cultural Development and Education delivered Qiy Fan. In his speech he stressed that the Olympiad contributes to the strengthening of international humanitarian contacts, expansion of Russian-speaking space, promotes a climate of inter-ethnic respect and peace.

The jury of the Olympiad consisted of seven experienced teachers from Russia and China. The tasks for the schoolchildren contained three parts: to explore one of the five proposed topics, to answer questions and to perform a creative task. The winner of the first prize was the Qing Ming, a schoolgirl from the school of foreign languages of Chang Chun. The second place was taken by: Yan Itao from the school of foreign languages of Tai Yuan and Liu Shande from school №162 of Harbin. Third place was awarded to: Yan Bo from the school of foreign languages of Qi Nan and Zheng Ni from school №6 of Baotou.

Special prizes were awarded to students’ vivid performances in the competition “Talent show”. Ten certificated were received by the participants who showed a good language style.

Diplomas were awarded to the best teachers and principals.

The performances of creative groups from Beijing had a big impression on guests and participants of the Olympiad. The guests and members of the jury warmly applaused the participants of the Ensemble “Veselukha”, including their famous dance “Kalinka”.

The Assembly Hall, which hosted the Olympiad, was full. The friendly and festive atmosphere reigned the room, helping students in their performances. Among the guests there were Russian philologists of different generations who have had education in the USSR. All of them warmly welcomed the contestants and jury members − the representatives of the Russian and Chinese universities. The jury and visitors of the Olympiad noted the excellent organization of the event, and expressed the view that the annual Olympiad on the Russian language will enhance the credibility of the Russian language in the world, strengthen the friendly relations between China and Russia and will make a significant contribution to the creation of a solid base for the education of the younger generation in the spirit of mutual understanding and friendship.