The victories of the schoolchildren of AESC MSU

screenshot_110-11 December 2016 St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Almaty, Tbilisi and Tashkent hosted The Seventeenth All-Russian Team Olympiad in programming, where the schoolchildren of The Advanced Educational Scientific Center (faculty) – Kolmogorov’s boarding school of Moscow State University – have successfully performed.
The pupil of AESC MSU Alexandra Drozdova as a member of the national team of AESC MSU “Intellectual” won the title of the Champion of Russia!
Other schoolchildren have also performed successfully: Philip Gribov, Alexey Ponomarev got the diplomas of the 2nd degree, while Daniel Bezenov, Daniil Prokopenko, Artem Kononov, Nikita Bashaev, Donat Sokolov, Murad Mazitov and Maxim Deb Nath got the diplomas of the 3rd degree.

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