Russian schoolchildren have won three gold medals at the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad

ввRussian school team have won three gold and one silver medals at the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad. The event took place July 23 – August 1, 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Russian team consisted of four pupils from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tatarstan. The results are as follows:

  • Zhigalin Alexander, Moscow – gold medal;
  • Kuramshin Bulat, the Republic of Tatarstan – gold medal;
  • Shershnev Ivan, St. Petersburg – gold medal;
  • Hodaeva Ulyana, Moscow – silver medal.

Alexander Zhigalin and Ivan Shershnev took 4th and 6th places respectively in the overall classification. In total 292 pupils from 75 countries took part in the Olympiad. Pupils were to solve the tasks of the theoretical and practical stages. The practical stage included three tasks. The first task was to determine five solutions of unknown substances (chosen from a list of 10 inorganic compounds) using a limited number of reactants. The second one was to quantify fluorides and chlorides in mineral water. The third one was to determine qualitatively eight organic odoriferous compounds selected from the known list.

Congratulations to the winners! Onwards and upwards!

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