First All-China Russian Language Olympiad for schoolchildren

In 2015/2016 the first All-China Russian Language Olympiad for schoolchildren will take place. Its initiators are the Chinese Council for the Study of Foreign Languages and Vocational Education of Ministry of Education of China, and Russia-China Foundation for Education and Culture.

Lomonosov Moscow State University is the only foreign university-co-organizer of the event; this fact reflects the role of Moscow University in the promotion of the Russian language in the international educational space.

The statistics show the high level of interest in the Russian language in China: about 50 thousand schoolchildren from 100 schools in the provinces of China will take part in the Olympiad.

The objectives of the Olympiad are the development of children’s interest in the Russian language, Russian literature and Russian culture, the improvement of the level of teaching of the Russian language in secondary schools in China, the encouragement of the best teachers and schoolchildren.

The final round of the Olympiad will be held in Beijing in January 2016.


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