National intellectual development Fund paid trips to summer school

Center for Intellectual Reserve MSU paid trips to the Summer research and academic school of five students who successfully complete initial research projects.

Ivan Bayazitov – 11th grade student AESC MSU. Ivan engaged in the project “Chocolate hysteresis’ research which gave the answer to the question why the curves of melting and solidification of chocolate behave differently. According to Ivan, this problem with all of its internal complexity is unlikely to be interested in a serious “adult” science. However, the inquisitive student has got an opportunity to show off the versatile young researcher in the project as put a lot of challenges – building a physical model, the use of exceptional programming skills, knowledge of chemistry, serious mathematical calculations.

Eduard Pokonechny, a student in grade 11 AESC MSU, devoted his investigation to computer science. The purpose of Eduard is to create so-called «anticaptcha» – a computer program that allows automatically recognize «captcha» – the text to be entered at various sites during user registration. Such a task is not easy, but the student coped with it. In MSU Summer School he will improve their skills under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Valeriya Malikova, a student of grade 10 AESC MSU. As a competitive task Valeria studied movement of a paper cylinder in the air which is able to perform aerobatics – “dead loop”. For the study of these conditions, depending on the material parameters Valeriya won the right to become a member of the Summer School.

Ilya Chichkanov – 11th grade student AESC MSU. Investigation of Ilya rests on theoretical and experimental physics. Research subjects are basketball and tennis ball and the difference in height after impact.

Ravil Khisamov – AESC MSU student, the future 1st year student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University University. Last year in the Summer School of the Moscow State University Ravil began his work on four tasks of the Russian Young Physicists Tournament, after which he determined the field of knowledge to be engaged in – mathematical physics. This year, in the Summer School of the Moscow State University Ravil is not just an ordinary member, he is an assistant.